"The customer expresses his wishes ... in my workshop I give form to his thoughts ..."


Every creation starts from my imagination stimulated by the desires of customers.

Ideas become lines drawn in my notebook, where the draft of the article is born to show to those who made the request for its approval.

So the craftsman’s hands and the designer’s eyes come into play, transforming the project into a three-dimensional product.

In the end, in the case of music boxes, through the ears I listen to the melody, while I look at the object from every angle. If the emotions aroused are in line with the customer’s wishes, the box is ready to be sent!

1 – I listen to your wish

Tell me about your idea, your occasion.

2 – Design your idea

I draw your music box on paper before making it.

3 – I create your own

hand music box with natural lands.

4 – I ship

it Once the packaging is finished

This is custom heading element

Write to me by filling out the forum!

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