Every wedding favor has many stories within it. A unique, precious object, rich in details but at the same time simple. The lands are perfectly natural so that every product can be touched and caressed by everyone and by children in particular. An original and unique wedding favor for any event. Look at our already-made wedding music boxes!



“Elefant prodige“


In the days when the reimagining of Dumbo was being released in the movie theatres, a family from Lecce ordered me a party favour to celebrate their daughter’s birth. The baby elephant recalls the tenderness of a new life.

“I received as a wedding favor a music box made by Mr. Savattieri. A unique, precious object, rich in details but at the same time simple. The attention to detail perfectly reflects what the object wants to represent. An original and at the same time one-of-a-kind gift idea.”

Carlo Giambra

“Excellent professionalism, unparalleled availability, attention to detail and brilliant originality. The music box that made me gave shape to my desire, exceeding all expectations. He made my wedding favors marveling in terms of delivery, courtesy and care of the packaging, including thanks for choosing the product. A unique memory. Thank You”

Marianna Guttilla



The city from aboveI


Imagine to be in a city that you would like to visit, embark on a cabin, turn the handle and you will hear a melody. Thus your imagination will set off. Like when you were going on the big wheel as a child, by magic you will feel like seeing the whole city from above!



Goals and starting points


There are important goals, like the achievement of an academic degree, which must be celebrated with rituals and symbols so as to fix them in people’s lives. I created this party favour for my life partner’s medical degree. The same person who encouraged me with her usual energy and positivity to focus my creativity on music boxes. In both cases it is a matter of touch: hers!

“I opted for the “Savattieri music boxes” as favors for my degree, and it could not have been a better choice! Guests were pleasantly struck by the melodies, and by a completely personalized style; they were able to choose between 4 “small” models, in pastel colors, and the taste of a unique craft of its kind; it was a real fusion between the “memory of childhood” and the joy of those who, with a favor box, want to give the memory of a unique moment. Seriousness and professionalism in delivery.”

Francesca Sberna


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